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Fall Hometown Cleanup Rain Date Update

The DPW has confirmed that they will support the postponement cleanup activities to both Sunday, November 2 and Saturday, November 8. Take precautions to secure your bags in the rain and high winds. Let us know your chosen rain date.

Sign-Up for The Hometown Clean-Up | Fall 2014

The Town of Plymouth offers free bags to collect the litter and will pick up full bags from your drop location. Sign-up to clean up litter from an area that needs it and see a list of all the other teams and their cleanup areas.
pine scale

Red Pine Scale

Have you noticed the sudden die off of red pines in our area and wondered what is going on?


About the Plymouth Network of Open Space Friends

We are a forum for volunteers who help care for parks, conservation lands and other open spaces in Plymouth.

The Network serves as an umbrella whose purpose is to provide inspiration, support and information-sharing to volunteers (“Friends”) who keep an eye on open spaces in their neighborhoods, or on places they love in Plymouth.

The network also helps new Friends groups get started.  Town officials and employees support the Network and the assistance its various volunteers and programs bring to the community.

The “Friends” volunteer time and effort to keep parks and open spaces in Plymouth clean and beautiful. This benefits the health and well being of citizens and at the same time, gives an economic boost to town. The seashore, ponds, forests, trails and recreation areas in Plymouth entice visitors to remain in town for longer stays after visiting historic sites.

See the Related Organizations to find other groups whose work affects Plymouth’s open spaces.

Please consider joining an existing Friends group or forming one in an area near you.

The Plymouth Open Space Committee and the Conservation Commission sponsor the Network of Open Space Friends..

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